Thank you, Simone Biles!

We already were impressed by Simone Biles.  She’d overcome so much adversity in her life and yet her spark, spirit, hard work, talent, and skill shone bright in her gymnastics competitions.  Watching her star rise was a wonder and an honor to behold.  Then came the Tokyo Olympics and, to the shock of fans around […]

On a Personal Note: To a Dear Friend

Dearest Marilla Yesterday I moved out of our office and it feels like a severing of the last connection I had to you.  In all the years it’s been since you’ve been gone, it’s always felt like my space that I shared with you even though I’ve shared it with so many others.  Perhaps that […]

On Being a Solar Powered Person in a Gas Powered World

Sometimes self-criticism can be motivating, providing the energy and resolve to pursue changes in ourselves so that we can become the person we intend to be.  Sometimes self-criticism just adds weight to the things we feel badly about already.  Often we judge ourselves too harshly, blinded to our own strengths by our own sense of […]


“It’s the weirdest thing,” my colleague told me over a zoom meeting, “people start to tell you what’s hard and then they suddenly reverse course and start listing all the things they are grateful for.  Why are they doing that?” Since this conversation, I’ve had similar ones with other colleagues and I’ve listened as my […]

The Tale of the Dusty Lizard

23 years ago, on the day my family moved into our current home, my husband and I left our small kids with his mom, armed ourselves with cleaning supplies, and attacked our new house.  We wanted it absolutely polished before we started moving our things into it. Since the living room was the easiest space […]

Some Things Your Child’s Therapist Might Want You to Know

It can be both a relief and a huge leap of faith to leave your child in the hands of a therapist.  You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and it’s very natural as a parent to wonder: What do they say about me?  What are they doing in there?  Is it working?  […]

It Only Takes A Moment To Be Kind

A lot has been going on lately.  Between hurricanes, wildfires, and humanitarian crises across the globe, it’s been difficult to keep up and I wonder about compassion fatigue.  I recognize that the need for help, understanding, compassion, donations, etc. will be a marathon and not a sprint for all of our current situations: Puerto Rico, […]

Is There a Ghost in Your Relationship?

Have you ever been ghosted? Or perhaps you’ve been the ghost? I’m not talking about tricks and treats here. “Ghosting” is a term used by many young people to describe the sudden and complete abandonment of a relationship. All interactions, communications, and plans come to a sudden halt. There’s no explanation offered, no compromise reached, […]

What Color is Your Blue?

Last week I had the privilege of visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City. It was an amazing and overwhelming experience which I continue  to process several days later.  One exhibit demonstrated the varied hues of blue that witnesses recall the sky being that morning and it reminded me of conversations I’ve had […]

Being a Good Person in a Tough World ~ A Balm for Depression

Growing up in small central Illinois town, I always felt safe (well, ok, except during tornado warnings). My parents did a great job of creating an environment conducive to growth and a sense of freedom. My friends and I played outside in the summer until well past dark, walked to school and each other’s homes […]