Margaret Perlstein, Marriage and Family Therapist

Healing, Growth, and Change

In a perfect world, life would be a smooth ride forever progressing forward. Unfortunately, blind curves, dips, and bumps in the road occur at all stages of life: as teens, as professionals, as couples, and during times of grief. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide a collaborative and pragmatic approach to counseling while utilizing a range of therapeutic models. With you, I create a safe, supportive environment that facilitates healing and growth.


Since 1992, I've helped teens and adults work through difficult emotional issues and trying circumstances. People respond to therapeutic approaches that suit them, so I work with my clients to customize their sessions to what best fits their needs and personalities. The most important thing for me is to achieve a style and pace that ensures comfort and honest discussion for each family or client. Together, we can work towards the breakthroughs that lead to a happier, healthier life and help you understand your reactions and emotions in a way that enhances your ability to cope with the things you face.

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I provide a wide range of services, from individual teen and adult counseling to sessions with couples and families. During appointments, we can address many different kinds of issues you find yourself facing or needing to face.

Grief, anxiety, depression, the emotional impact of illness, major life transitions, and stress management are just some of the things that can derail or detract from a positive and fulfilled life, or interfere in your ability to feel strong enough to cope with the curve-balls that life throws at you. If these types of issues are holding you back, my services can help.

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Working with people as they find their path is a labor of love for me. It's an honor and privilege for me to be of assistance and to be trusted with your intensely personal efforts toward growth. I invite you to get in touch for your first appointment at my office in Corte Madera. Call or email me today to schedule your initial appointment. My services are offered at a flat hourly rate, although a sliding scale is available for those with limited means. I look forward to meeting with you at my office in beautiful Corte Madera.

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