Margaret Perlstein, Marriage and Family Therapist

My Services

For Individuals & Families, Teens & Adults

Since 1992, I’ve worked with countless teens and adults to help them achieve breakthrough moments even in the most difficult of times. It’s an honor for me to be with each client as they uncover and deal with deeply personal situations. Together, we’ll do whatever it takes to forge a healthy, peaceful path ahead. Regardless of gender, age, or circumstance, I approach each session with a commitment to:

  • Creating a safe, supportive environment
  • Communicating through empathy, collaboration, and understanding
  • Bringing a fresh, objective, and non-judgmental pragmatism to the table

My range of services include:

Individual Therapy (Teen)

Teenage counseling is one of my specialties and something that I truly love to do. The teenage years are filled with passion and turmoil, strife and celebration. With a changing body and an evolving understanding of the world, teens can find these years as difficult as they are magnificent. Through empathy, humor, and a pragmatic perspective, I strive to help teens discover who they truly are, while learning critical skills such as boundary setting, reality checking, stress management, and positive communications. On the cusp of adulthood, the horizon can seem frightening and confusing, but with guidance, teens can break through their preconceptions about themselves and their lives into a brighter, more fulfilled future.

Individual Therapy (Adult)

I see adults in many different stages of life. The challenges they face may range from a life transition due to divorce to a nagging feeling that there’s something more out there. Anxiety, grief, and depression affect everyone at one point or another. My goal is to help adults work their way through these difficult periods to develop insight and discover a sense of well-being. Sometimes that means gaining perspective, getting support, learning relaxation techniques or communication skills. Other situations may involve reflecting on childhood circumstances from an adult vantage point and seeing how old beliefs and behaviors, once adaptive, are now getting in the way. Whatever the case, I’m committed to helping people move towards a life of clarity, peace, and purpose.

Family Therapy

All families have their own unique communication styles. Unfortunately, these styles don’t always include healthy habits or clear boundaries. This can lead to conflict, resentment, or worse. When the dynamic simply isn’t working between family members, I can step in to help. By acting as the objective listener/mediator, I can look past established family patterns — the ones that lead to incorrect assumptions — and drill down to the root message and what to do about it. It might be a bumpy ride, but once the entire family has a clearer understanding of one another, the results speak for themselves.

Couples Therapy

Much like family therapy, couples have their own dynamics and communication habits. These often mask what is really being said — or what really needs to be said. When I work with couples, I believe the best path requires a commitment to fearless honesty. This can be a bit overwhelming at times, and my job is to diffuse tension and resentment with empathy and understanding for both parties. Through the construction of a safe environment, we can move past the surface and into an honest discussion about wishes, anger, disappointments, discouragements, expectations, and build a stronger relationship based on mutual respect, love, appreciation, trust, and understanding.

Grief Counseling

Grief is one of the most intense and personal things someone can experience. As a therapist and a certified end-of-life doula, my role is to walk with you through this journey as you both reflect on your loss and the way it has impacted your life. The grieving process is unique and highly specific to each person. Because of that, we work at your own pace and find the method(s) that connect with you in order for you to emotionally process the trauma of loss and begin to articulate what it means to you. In whatever form the loss has taken — a parent, child, spouse, friend, or even a dear pet — it is my honor and privilege to assist you during this difficult time.

Take The First Step

If you’re ready to take the first step, contact me today for your first appointment. I promise a safe and understanding environment as we begin this journey together.